About Us

ImagesPay was founded in the summer of 2010 by Agam Berry and Boken Lin as an experiment to reaching more audiences on the web using innovative ad formats. The company grew quickly, and was soon incorporated in Navada under Linsberry Media, LLC. ImagesPay has now become a network of well over 200 websites, serving more than 500,000 impressions daily and reaching over 1 million internet users monthly. ImagesPay's management team has deep expertise in building and delivering innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers. ImagesPay's head office is located in Chandigarh, India.

Who Are We?


Agam Berry,

President & CEO

With assistance of our executives and trusted partners, Mr. Berry successfully directed growth of over 15 companies through reorganization and management of employees.

Mr. Berry developed and organized over 450 sites and created self-sustaining interlinking strategies for SERP longevity. In addition, Agam Berry directed creation of proprietary automation technology that allows for search engine ranking dominance and content creation.

Boken Lin,


Mr. Lin started out on the web as a graphics designer. He has designed many successful websites and have learnt a great deal of experience in running  small to medium scale websites and webhosting services. Recently Mr. Lin become interested in the mobile internet, and has been managing several mobile websites and iPhone applications. He is skilled with leading teams of talented developers to achieve a common goal.

Savitoj Singh

Assisant Account Manager

Savitoj oversees all accounting operations. ImagesPay has given him a great place to learn and grow. His responsibilities in this position included collecting necessary documents for affiliate payments and processing the payments. Within three months, he was promoted to Assistant Account Manager with the responsibility of answering affiliate inquiries and keeping accounts in a healthier state.

Sandeep Sethi

Account Manager

Sandeep Sethi is involved in developing numerous advertising campaigns, product development and is a important part of core strategic and marketing team. After hitting success from the internal campaigns, Mr. Sethi created a publisher network specializing in working with affiliates to help scale their campaigns using his knowledge. With his vast experience in the field of internet marketing, he joined ImagesPay team as a Account Manager. 

Neetu sood

Head of Graphics

Ms. Neetu Sood is head of designing and website development at ImagesPay with the responsibility for overseeing all designing operations. She started her career as a free lancer and did free lancing for 6 years and was later hired by ImagesPay in 2010 as a designing head. Her responsibilities in this position include taking care of all the operations within designing and development abs she has carried out her responsibilities very efficiently.